News bulletin

July 2020

Sample set in processing

The production of the sample set of Malpaga's Marzoli & Rossi 1908, which is expected to be released by the end of summer, is continuing.
The long processing of the Zanin set of the church of the SS Annunziata in Bologna also continues, whose publication is expected no earlier than several months.

We remind our readers that the news on the sample sets in progress shown on this page are only indicative, especially as regards the release times: for more precise information we recommend waiting for the publication of the specific page relating to each set.

april 2020

happy Easter!

ANDREA BONZI - SAMPLE SET PER HAUPTWERK wishes all readers a Happy Sacred Triduum and Happy Easter: the memory of the Easter celebrations can be a reason for hope in this troubled time.

march 2020

Our sample sets on Contrebombarde

Since the end of February, audio has been available on Contrebombarde with the sample sets published so far and also with the beta version of the Zanin organ in Bologna - work still in progress.
Here are the links to the respective pages: the list is updated with each new entry.

Audio performed with the sample set COSTA SERINA - SAN LORENZO

Audio performed with the SERINA - SERASSI 1791 sample set

Audio performed with the sample set BOLOGNA - ZANIN (beta version)

February 2020

sample set "Serassi 1791 SS. Annunziata in Serina" released

ANDREA BONZI - SAMPLE SET PER HAUPTWERK announces the awaited publication - free of charge - of the sample set for Hauptwerk of the prestigious organ Andrea Luigi and Giuseppe II Serassi 1791 of the church of SS. Annunziata in Serina (Bergamo).
It is, at least to our knowledge, the first sample set for Hauptwerk in which a Serassian organ - in addition to being meticulously reproduced in its original state - has extensions both in the keyboard and pedal range and in the stop list, as widely described in the presentation page - from which you can send a request for download.
We hope that the set will be widely distributed and will be satisfying for users who want to download it.

imminent release of the sample set "Serassi 1791 SS. Annunziata in Serina"

Despite what was communicated last month, we are pleased to announce the publication of a new free set: this is the replica of the valuable Serassi 1791 from the parish church of Serina (Bergamo).
The set, already produced in 2013, has been completely reworked and we have decided to publish it free of charge as it is presented only in stereo version (with a very direct recording; the four-channel version is under processing, with the same criterion adopted for the Costa Serina).
It is also our interest to spread the first sample set of an ancient Italian organ with "targeted" extensions - both in the range of keyboards and pedals and in the stop list - which allow the use of its splendid sounds for most of the classical repertoire, overcoming the known technical limits of our historical instruments: from this point of view we warmly invite future users to give us feedback.

January 2020

important update on the project

The new year opens with a communication about our activity and upcoming publications of sample sets for Hauptwerk.
After having thoroughly documented ourselves on the subject, we are forced to recognize that the current Italian tax legislation effectively makes any attempt at a commercial project regarding the publication of the sample sets impossible, imposing charges incompatible with the modest volumes of activity in this sector.
The production of sample sets of high quality standards requires a number of hours of work quantifiable for each of several tens to many hundreds: an expensive work, compared to which we are in fact unable to obtain a fair economic recognition - not allowed also in the form of a free offer.
We therefore find ourselves having to decide with regret to postpone the publication of further sets of samples until a satisfactory solution is found.
We are sure of the understanding from the readers who have trusted us by appreciating the two free sets produced so far; we hope to be able to resume publications soon and for this reason we will still give information on the processing of the sets initially planned.

December 2019

Merry Christmas!

ANDREA BONZI - SAMPLE SET PER HAUPTWERK offers all readers and users of the virtual organs so far published a warm wish for a Merry Christmas, thanking for the many messages of appreciation received so far.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


After a significant restyling is online with a new graphic design and above all with new content.
The presentation page of the sample sets for Hauptwerk is flanked by information spaces concerning the production or programming of new sets or more generally the world of Hauptwerk.

We wish all those who follow us a good read!


The release of version V of the most popular pipe organ emulation software seems imminent. Reading on the net you can see some concern from users about the change of the license system: change that does not only concern the software but also all those third-party sample sets that currently use dongle licenses.
These sets will no longer be compatible with the new version and this seems to arouse perplexity in those who have often bought them at a high price.

Given the uncertainty that still surrounds the new version, its publication and issues related to the license It is our decision that the sample sets presented on this site remain compiled for Hauptwerk v. 4.22; since they do not have a protective license, they will still be able to be loaded without problems even in Hauptwerk V if users wish to do so.

October 2019

sampling sessions in Bologna

Thanks to the interest of M. Gabriele Giunchi sampling sessions were carried out at the Zanin organ of the Annunziata church (1962, III / 46), at the Steinmeyer of the Methodist church (1931, II / 15) and at the positive organ P. Ott 1972 owned by M. Giunchi himself.
The preliminary elaborations are very promising especially for the Zanin organ, inserted in an ambience with very rich and balanced acoustics.

The release of the new sets is expected in 2020: follow the updates!