ARTICLES ("third page")

In the major newspapers the third page is traditionally dedicated to culture and to a critical look at facts and events: much more humbly we intend to offer here a space for reflection on the world of Hauptwerk, on the production of sample sets, on their use and on all those topics, facts, experiences, ideas concerning this fascinating reality.

We welcome our readers to send us comments or articles for this page. Contributions may be sent to us as text or as an attachment via the link below. We thank you in anticipation.

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Published articles

OCTOBER 2021 - A. Bonzi - A new method of implementing Tremulant in Hauptwerk FEBRUARY 2021 - A. Bonzi - "...Pornphone"! FEBRUARY 2020 - A. Bonzi - Sample Set Hauptwerk in Italy: is it possible to start a commercial project? DECEMBER 2019 - A. Bonzi - Ambient acoustics: multiple releases or convolution reverb?