Technical information

DOWNLOAD and install the SAMPLE SETS

The sets of samples are loaded into an external storage space from which it is possible to download them by sending an email request - as specified in the presentation pages of each virtual instrument.

It is important, in order to quickly process requests, not to change the subject of the preset email.

For the convenience of uploading the sets are usually divided into byte volumes: the normal file with the final extension .rar is followed by others with the extension .r00, .r01, r02 etc. which must all be downloaded in order to proceed with the installation of the set.
For installation, the following instructions must be followed:

a) be sure to download ALL the components of the .rar archive in a single folder on your computer; downloaded files must not be changed in name or extension and must not be unpacked.

b) in Hauptwerk perform the usual sample-set installation procedure. Only the file with the .Organ_Hauptwerk_rar extension will appear, which however assumes the presence of all the other components with the extension .r00, .r01, .r02 etc .; if one or more of them are missing, the installation will fail.

These instructions are also contained in the automatic email with instructions for downloading the sample sets.